Điều Hoà Trung Tâm Hisense

Điều Hoà Trung Tâm Hisense HI-FLEXI M SERIES

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Mã: JKH3947

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Thông tin chi tiết

Hi-FLEXi Series
DC Inverter-driven Compressor

Hisense VRF Hi-FLEXi M Series inverter air conditioning system
adopt high efficiency scroll compressor and leading frequency
inverter control technology, realizing significant improvement in
operation effciency under partial load

  • High effciency inverter + fxed compressor
  • Leading inverter control technology
  • Small volume and light weight, save transport and installation space
  • Intelligent control system

Wide Operating Range

The system can run within a wide temperature range, the lowest heating operation can reach -20℃ WB, ensure a good
heating effect in winter

Extra-high External Static Pressure Design

The effcient axial fan is designed adopting CFD, fnite element method, aviation dynamic fluid simulation analysis and
other advanced concepts; its air inlet angle and outlet angle are optimized; together with unique horn air vent design,
the external static pressure of outdoor unit is higher, which can better exhaust air and ensure smooth air flow.

Layered Installation, Flexibly Corresponding to High-rise Buildings

For high-rise buildings, crawl space can be left to place outdoor units, or machine room can be set up on each floor. By
using exhaust duct to exhaust the air, short circuit of return air can be avoided with long exhaust distance, which ensures
good ventilation and heat exchange effects of outdoor units.

More Flexible Refrigerant Piping Work

Outdoor Unit Specifcations

Pipe Diameter for Outdoor Unit

Piping Size for AVWT-86U6(7)SR to AVWT-154U6(7)SS (Base Unit)Piping Size for AVWT-182U6(7)SZ to AVWT-307U6(7)SZ(2 Units Combination)

< Figure for AVWT-232UE(7)SZ >Piping Size for AVWT-328U6(7)SZ to AVWT-460U6(7)SZ(Triple Units Combination)
< Figure for AVWT-365U6(7)SZ >


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